OpenVMS has been and always will be the operating system of choice for companies who rely heavily on stability, security and scalability.

VMS was developed for Digital’s 32-bit VAX-computers back in 1977. With version 5.5 the name changed to OpenVMS. In 1992 the 64-bit Alpha-computers were introduced. HP introduced the Integrity servers in 2002. There are still many (VAX and) Alpha servers in use worldwide. With the start of VSI (VMS Software Inc.) OpenVMS starts a bright future. 

Our mission is to support in EMEA all releases of OpenVMS today and into the future and thus enable our customers in maintaining their critical applications at the uptime and security levels OpenVMS is known for, at maximum performance.

With slogans like "Cool and Unhackable" and "When downtime is not an option" we are proud to add the next slogan "The Legend continues".

With the start op VSI in 2013 the future for OpenVMS and its customers is one with a solid foundation. New versions of the OS together with a port to the x86-platform will ensure more wonderful years to come.


New products mean new OpenVMS releases together with new Layered Products releases.

The current release of OpenVMS 8.4-2 will support the latest generation of HP blade and rack-mount servers, based on the Itanium processors. It also supports current i2-based servers.


We offer full support for the complete OS & Layered Products stack in close cooperation with VSI. This includes older versions of OpenVMS & Layered Products issued by HPE.

Our mission is to support all currently existing and future releases of OpenVMS and Layered Products in close cooperation with HPE and VSI.


As Authorized Training Partner for VSI in the EMEA domain we offer a full curriculum of OpenVMS training for our customers. Modern internet based tools allow us to teach you remotely where the students will have full access to our training systems. We can also do a classroom training at your location.