VMSConsultancy delivers OpenVMS System Management

We deliver system/application-management onsite or remote. You can choose from a number of service levels (5*8, 7*24, or a variation).


We can also further automate the management of the OpenVMS-environment.
The toolkit "System Management in Control (SMiC) " has been developed for this purpose.
Some examples of capabilities:

  • Inventory of your OpenVMS-environment and describe the default situation.
  • Report deviations from the default situation via web-interface and mails.
  • If desired, auto-correction can be enabled.

Interested?: request SMIC-demo


For even more automation of the management we can offer you CockpitMgr for OpenVMS.
CockpitMgr runs on a dedicated OpenVMS-server and can monitor your complete OpenVMS environment, inclusive network/storage/logfiles/SNMP-based monitoring.
It contains checks on security and performance, and it contains a scheduler-function.

More info?: CockpitMgr for OpenVMS-datasheet

eCube Systems helps companies maximize the return on their technology investment.  eCube’s products and services leverage existing technical equity so you can meet evolving business needs, reduce risk and increase productivity.

eCube Systems was founded in 2002 by former employees of the Borland Software Corporation and the Open Environment Corporation.  They identified the need for a new company that would focus on helping companies maximize the return on their technology investments and ease the modernization of legacy systems to contemporary platforms.  Today, eCube continues to extend the life cycle of valuable enterprise applications by supporting and evolving legacy custom applications and their underlying technologies to operate in contemporary environments.

eCube has extensive experience in software development, systems integration and software project management.

Core Competencies

1. Development Modernization
2. Deployment Modernization
3. Middleware Modernization
4. Platform Modernization


Eclipse, high-speed middleware, Entera/RPC/CORBA, SOA and OpenVMS

For more news please check the website of eCube systems:


PointSecure Technologies  OpenVMS Security and Auditing Solutions

OpenVMS SecurityPointSecure is the leading provider of OpenVMS security and auditing solutions. Highly recommended by HP and used by enterprises in the Healthcare, Energy, Finance, Government and Manufacturing sectors.

Point Secure's solutions protect your OpenVMS systems from both external and internal security threats while ensuring compliance with corporate security policies and governmental regulations such as HIPAA, GLBA and BS779.

Point Secure offer capabilities for intrusion detection, real-time monitoring and access control are second to none. If OpenVMS is critical to your organization’s business, then you should be talking to PointSecure.
Products :
System Detective
PointSecure’s System Detective is a powerful security and auditing solution that helps to identify who did what, when, and how on your OpenVMS systems. System Detective helps you ensure compliance with regulatory and data security requirements such as HIPAA, GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI and Basel II by providing ways to mitigate risk, produce audit trails and alert on session activity. This robust tool goes beyond traditional auditing by providing security controls to safeguard against potential system misuse and non-compliance by triggering and automating the remediation of policy violations.
PointAudit is a non-intrusive PC-based auditing tool that allows users to quickly and easily assess the security and settings of their OpenVMS environment. PointAudit helps to improve security and ensure compliance with regulatory and data security requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, HIPAA, and Basel II by providing customizable, low-impact auditing and reporting on settings across multiple OpenVMS systems. By looking at file security, system settings and user profiles, PointAudit enables users to determine if their OpenVMS security settings are in compliance with defined OpenVMS security policies or industry best practices.

Free PatchAnalyzer for OpenVMS Systems

Ensuring that you have the appropriate OpenVMS patches are installed is critical to ensuring the performance, availability and security of your OpenVMS systems. How current are the patches on your systems? Are you missing critical updates? PointSecure’s FREE PatchAnalyzer for OpenVMS provides the answers you need.

PatchAnalyzer quickly investigates your systems, presents a list of the OpenVMS patches you have installed and a list of patches currently available from HP (updated as needed by PointSecure). You can then compare the two lists to identify if your systems require updating. In addition, Patch Analyzer provides a list of the products and licenses installed on your systems.

Get the critical information you need to keep your OpenVMS environment up to date.
Free Security SnapShot for OpenVMS systems
Do you know the state of the health of your OpenVMS environment? PointSecure’s SnapShot quickly investigates and presents a high level overview of vulnerabilities that relate to profiles, privileges, file settings and protections, as well as certain system parameters. Get the information you need to stay abreast of the security of your OpenVMS environment.
More info?: click here